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on January 29, 2013

Dial (Discovery and Launch) is a protocol that allows for a second screen devices (such as an iPhone) to discover and use a first screen device (such as your TV, Set-Top Box, Blue-Ray, etc). Consumers are able to launch apps from the fist screen with their second screen device without the hassle of having to launch said app on the first screen before interacting with the second device. App developers are able to link their apps without the manual launch and pairing process that may diminish the use of their apps. This past week, there was much talk about Netflix and Google (YouTube) using DIAL to replace Apple’s Airplay however, they are a bit different. AirPlay for example, allows the user to send content from the iPad to the TV, DIAL allows the user to open Apps from the smartphone/tablet on the TV/receiver directly. Something similar to AirPlay would be Miracast (screen-mirroring technology), making DIAL ideal for using your mobile (or any other second screen device) to control your TV (or any other first screen device) when watching movies and video, such as Netflix and YouTube content. The design of DIAL is simple and open that can easily be built into new products with an automatic discovery function. The DIAL supporting list is growing and now includes Sony, Samsung, Hulu and BBC.  Although there are other compatible devices in the market, DIAL is projected to take over the arena and I look forward to being able to do more with my second screen device directly to my first screen device real soon and DIALin!



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