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VINE- checking it out!

on January 29, 2013


Earlier this week, Twitter released a new app that allows for 6 second videos called Vine. Currently, it is only available on iOS (supports iPhone 3GS and higher), but it will soon be available in other platforms.  Vine is used to share life in motion, 6 seconds at a time. Users can create short, looping videos to share with friends and family (and the public). The video uploads are unlimited, free and can be instantly posted on Vine. In this early stage, the videos can only be shared on Facebook and Twitter, however soon they will be available for uploads on other social media sites. With Vine, users can interact with other users, find family and friends, interact and explore trending posts through featured hashtags and more!  Upon first installation of Vine, it gives you the option to sign in with your Twitter account (or you may set up a new one using your email address) to facilitate the process. An important thing to remember, is that videos uploaded to Vine are not private, they will be public at all times as there isn’t a feature that allows you to set your profile to “Private” (yet) anyone that grabs the link to a Vine you Tweeted or shared on Facebook can be shared publicly. The explore section in the Vine app, works like that of Twitter and Instagram, selecting a hashtag from the collection will pull videos tagged. The app allows you to pause a video when shooting to reposition the cam at any time, allowing the user to get creative with Vine. The home page already features many stop-motion videos and very creative sequences on Vine! Upon getting acquainted with the App, you can already guess where the improvements can come from, for example, the home screen is limited to “like”, comment and pause the videos; perhaps the in the near future the app will allow users to tag friends in comments or posts (or remove the comments) and share the videos from the feed. I created a short video instantly, it is very easy and fun to use, check it out!




3 responses to “VINE- checking it out!

  1. arazoaha says:

    You have a sick as page, love what you are writing about.

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