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on February 8, 2013

Music streaming has become more popular as consumers get access to all of their favorite music on demand without having to purchase every single album! For those unfamiliar with music streaming, it’s different from downloading an album from a provider such as iTunes, its instant music played online either via a smart-phone or computer. The waiting and downloading of the songs are eliminated, think of it of instant play (you still need internet connection). The best thing of it all is that if you don’t mind getting a commercial once in a while (not to the same rate and length as radio commercials) then it’s all free! However, if you can’t stand music interruption, then a nominal monthly fee (think Netflix) will get you unlimited streaming commercial-free. In fact, only 8% of the 33 million Spotify users had a paid monthly membership. If you are familiar with Shazam, then you will notice a direct link to one of these providers (rdio) that allow you to stream the song instantly (upon registering and downloading the app of course). And of course, let’s not forget, Sony Unlimited Music which gives you the option to use Music Sync to add your existing music collection and listen across all your supported devices!


Sony is a very trusted well-known brand and offers a wide selection of songs (over 15M). The site can run through other Sony devices such as Bravia TVs and Play Station consoles. There is a free trial available, that requires a basic subscription or premium after the 14 day free trial expires.


You can create a radio based on artists you like (a la’ Pandora), millions of songs in an instant, a news feed that updates you with what your friends listen to and it’s simple to find the music you like! You have the option of the free version and the monthly subscription add-free.


You can not only stream it live, you can also download the songs to listen at anytime on any of your mobile devices and personal computer. This service is not free, there is a monthly subscription involved a basic version and a premium service that includes mobile streaming.


Contains a library of millions of songs that keeps growing, you can follow friends and find out whats new, build your own collection and share it! After the free trial however, you have to sign up for their monthly subscription.


You can stream AND upload up pto 20K tracks of your own collection (similar to Sony) and buy tracks and superfast search capacity. However, its not as user-friendly as we are used to but you can download and or stream songs for free.


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