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Starbucks Free Wi-Fi – Use with Caution

on May 3, 2013


Sometimes, you just need a frappuccino and a little bit of People-Watching at the coffee shop with free Wi-Fi to get your internet to-do list going (Facebook likes, email replies, some bill-pays, mild online shopping). Some of us appreciate the free public Wi-Fi places like Starubucks offer and are unaware of how vulnerable and how easy it is for hackers to steal personal and financial information on that shared network. Threatmetrix (cybercrime prevention solutions) provided with a handy list of ways cyber-criminals can gain access to sensitive data that you may not be aware of.


9 responses to “Starbucks Free Wi-Fi – Use with Caution

  1. mivorin says:

    That’s crazy! I usually study at Starbuks with a moca frappuccino and free wi-fi. Sometimes when I go to the restroom, I ask someone next to me if he/she does not mind watching my laptop and others and leave my table for a while. I beleive nothing has happend, but maybe I was just lucky so far.

    • jolie1199 says:

      I totally feel ya’! I have done the same multiple times and always just hope people would be honest! When I ask people to watch over my stuff (including laptop) while I step out for a few to buy something, answer a call or grab something from my car, I expect them to almost feel like they are guards of the royal palace and it should be an honor to serve! Haha ok, maybe too dramatic, but I take it very seriously when I am asked to look over their things and act as if its a valued treasure. I guess so far, we have been lucky but its good to be aware, so take the tips and the next time you’re at Starbucks sipping on your yummy Mocha Frappuccino, take a look around and be aware of your surroundings, and remember to update your anti-virus software!

  2. robert says:

    Great tips! Have you ever had your identity stolen? If so, do you blame Starbucks? 🙂

  3. jolie1199 says:

    Although I have not had my identity stolen (that I am aware of) I have had friends that are not sure how their identity was stolen and would never want to have to go through that stressful drama!
    I am however, a frequent Starbucks free-wifi user, am addicted to their caramel macchiatos and enjoy being able to sit in their comfy couches while I work online. I think sometimes we trust that others wont do to you what you wouldn’t do to others, especially in such a familiar setting like Starbucks! So we tend to let our guard down and may be vulnerable to hackers or even having your laptop stolen while you take a quick bathroom break, because who would do such a thing?!
    I would definitely not blame Starbucks though, they just provide the free wi-fi, I wouldn’t expect them to also make sure people use it to hack, although a user name and password like Coffee Beans implements may steer some criminal activity, I am not sure that’s any more safer.
    In the meantime, I will follow the tips and be more aware.

  4. omg thanks for the tips!

  5. lallie tand says:

    Thank you for letting us know!

  6. jolie1199 says:

    This has made me realize that most of us are very trusting and I would like to conduct a social experiment at a starbucks…. More details to come!

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