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Villa Tacos – Culver City, CA

on May 5, 2013

Jolie is famished

Keeping the Cinco De Mayo fiesta theme in mind today, I want to share with you a great little place in Culver City, a Oaxan Mexican Restaurant, Villa Tacos!

I have been to their other location off Santa Monica Blvd and I was an immediate fan, love the different Mole options and the Oaxan style! This one is walking distance to work and my favorite lunch-time option as they are quick, fresh and yummy! I also go to them when we have meetings or small group parties since they are reasonably priced and they deliver! Super friendly staff and accommodating you feel like you’re right at home here and the food is home-made! My rule of thumb when it comes to Mexican food restaurants is to try their rice and beans, if it tastes like my grandma made it, then its authentic in my book! At Villa Tacos, it like grandma helped them cook!

If you know of any other Oaxan Restaurant in town, tell me about it!

 Villa Tacos in Culver City, CA Gets 3 out 4 stars in my Book!

3 out of 4 star rating

Below is their Parrillada Plate – full of yummy meat and even Nopales (Cactus) so delis and enough for two!!

  • Rating: 3 out 4 stars
  • Price: $$ (out of 4 $)
  • Parking: Busy, small parking lot, free
  • Seating: Casual, to-go and delivery available
  • Location: 10022 Venice Blvd, Culver City CA 90232

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5 responses to “Villa Tacos – Culver City, CA

  1. AWE Presents says:

    I’ve been here! Loved it.
    Are you drawing all these cartoons? They’re awesome!

    • jolie1199 says:

      I love the fact that they have different moles to choose from. You can even order it as a side with tortilla chips!
      The cartoons are like avatars, I create them from a site where you can “draw” yourself and create little skits, I would love to learn how to create my own though!

  2. lallie tand says:

    Haven’t been there!

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