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To Drink….or Not To Drink?

on May 6, 2013

Healing Monday


In the constant search of how to go about changing bad habits to live a healthier life, I find myself trying to cut back on my coffee consumption, eliminating soda and sweet drinks; which lasts for about a day or two, then the headaches are unbearable and I am right back to drinking my daily dose of 4 cups of coffee.

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I have decided to do a little research and determine if drinking coffee can somehow be excused. To my pleasing, there are some benefits of drinking coffee (of course lets not forget that everything is relative and may differ from person to person).

  1. The most important benefit are the antioxidants in the coffee beans, denominated polyphenols, which among other multiple benefits and functions, protects the cellular mutations and slows aging. Only strawberries, cherries, nuts, artichokes and blueberries have more antioxidants than coffee.
  2. It has been demonstrated that to drink from three to four cups of coffee per day, helps eliminate up to 25% risk of Diabetes type II. This is due to the large quantity of natural antioxidants that coffee contains, which helps avoid resistance to insulin, the principal hormone that causes this suffering.
  3. A longitudinal study (in a 20 year span) demonstrated that steady coffee consumption, is also associated with a decrease of up to 65% of suffering dementia in old age. Result that is associated with the effects of coffee in the central nervous system.
  4. Drinking coffee helps athletes have better physical performance and endurance during their competitions. Different studies have proven that coffee can have an ergogenic effect, it increases the muscular potency in resistance athletes. Now that I have chosen the path of a healthier lifestyle, this should come in handy.
  5. In this way, drinking 4 cups of coffee a day, also helps to activate and elevate alertness and allows for better concentration for a longer period of time.

Conveniently, as I was conducting my research at my local Starbucks, sipping on my yummy caramel macchiato at a nearby coffee shop, I had a little chat with a Doctor that asserted that though it may be logical that the properties of coffee can very well be associated with slowing aging, it is also true that those who tend to be coffee drinkers work or study and challenge themselves which can also be a factor. It was also emphasized that anything addictive is ultimately harmful, such as coffee’s addictive substance, induces high blood pressure, hypertension, and hyperactivity. Usually people drink it with a lot of sugar or artificial sweetener (a la’ caramel macchiato) which can induce diabetes. Coffee, salt and alcohol, are the first thing doctors recommend you discontinue when you have medical issues, “think about it” he said, as I took my last sip.


8 responses to “To Drink….or Not To Drink?

  1. firebirdv2 says:

    DANG! I don’t like coffee but maybe I should reconsider….

    • jolie1199 says:

      I guess if you don’t drink coffee, you can always eat tons of strawberries, cherries, nuts, artichokes and blueberries, they have more antioxidants than coffee.

  2. Is there any type of antioxidants in fried chicken??

  3. lallie tand says:

    My mom has the same issue as you do with coffee, if she doesnt drink… there it comes the headache! Im not a fan myself, if I need some energy I always go for redbulls sugar free. Im sure there’s not much good about it. but coffee makes my stomach sick =(

    • jolie1199 says:

      If coffee made my stomach sick, I definitely wouldn’t be drinking it either, but redbull…..I doubt there are any benefits drinking that! Do you drink it on a daily basis?!

  4. Evelyn says:

    I love coffee ☕I drink one cup a day 🙂 it’s delicious. I try to drink it black and sometimes I indulge on the dulce de leche latte from Portos, it’s yummy

    • jolie1199 says:

      I absolutely loooove Portos! They need to bring one to the Westside already! It’s a mission trying to go to one, but always worth the drive! My fave are their pastries, in particular the guava and cheese empanadas! I will definitely try the Dulce De Leche Latte next time! Thanks!!

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