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on May 11, 2013

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Last thursday, I had a neat opportunity to see LAS CAFETERAS perform at an awards ceremony. Their unique sound was contagious and it made me want to dance… It reminded me of my high school day when I used to dance Ballet Folkclorico, in particular my faveorite piece, El Veracruzano. The band members were very nice and I had the opportunity to chat with them. They explained the sound as “Son Jarocho” which is folk music from Southern Veracruz, Mexico. They do  a wonderful job at mixing this unique sound with cool LA-alternative sounds. Their songs also carry political messages and Afro-Mexican rhythms including my favorite regional style of “el zapateado” and stories about everyday things and people. They also re-mix traditional sounds, adding Afro-Carribean marimbol, Native American drum & flute, cajon, hip hop, English & Spanglish to Jarocho instruments like jarana & requinto guitars, donkey jaw-bone, & the tarima (stomp box).

Taken with my iPhone:


Here is a little soundwave of the intoxicating sounds:


“It’s TIme” by Las Cafeteras.

They mentioned a rad event they will be performing at next, check it out!:



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