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Challenge #1 – INSANITY

on May 20, 2013

to eat or not to eat healthy

The time has come, I knew it would happen some day, just feels like it happened too fast. I have enjoyed a life full of delicious greasy food, red meat everyday, soda pop on a daily and late night ice cream sandwiches with yummy fresh-baked cookies from DiddyRiese. Never have I been able to be on a diet, I enjoy eating food and savoring it, salads are not tasty, therefore I do not eat them. Fruits are only tasty when you add chocolate or nutella to them and absolutely ANYTHING tastes better deep-fried.

I have also freely enjoyed the simple things of life (FOOD) without worrying about working out to”burn those calories”. Don’t get me wrong, I think about it all the time (going to the gym) and I have gone once every six months, to pay my dues. I can’t remember the time when I actually went to the gym to… out? There was a year when I had this fabulous gym membership that included a SPA and I would check-in to the gym at least twice a month, for my massage and facial appointments…True Story. But now, the time has come, when my metabolism doesn’t seem to be the same and now I have muffins, not the kind I like to have for breakfast (the chocolate chip ones) but the ones that hang out off the top of my jeans! Aaaand this is even after I had to buy fat jeans!!! Goodbye to my size 2… hello size 4! Tragedy.

So, for my first challenge, I have decided to tackle this and jump-start to “Living a Healthy Life”. I have seen a lot of before and after photos from people who do the INSANITY 60 day challenge, apparently you not only get a six-pack, your boobs get bigger, your nose gets fixed, your ass gets firm and perky, you get Mrs. Obama arms, your hair gets longer and shiny, your face gets this amazing glow withe super long eyelashes and you get an insta-tan! Woa!!! I want that!

So, I have signed up (or my fabulous friend lent me the videos) for INSANITY 60 day challenge! And I plan to start Monday May 20th! In preparation for such challenge, on Thursday night I had  American food at El Cholo (it’s not Mexican food), Friday night went out for all you can eat Korean BBQ, Saturday night I went to an authentic Mexican spot Tacos Zavala for a yummy Huarache and Sunday I cooked an authentic Spanish Dish full of pork, beef, and more pork (Callos Andaluz). Phew! Nooooow I am ready for this INSANITY!

Challenge #1

Insanity’s 60 day Challenge said to be the “hardest fitness program on DVD” and Elite Nutrition.

I will check in daily to review the videos and update progress.

Here is a video about the program:

If you have ever tried the Insanity 60 day challenge, or if you have any encouraging tips, leave a reply!


Aiming for this (Jessica Alba):



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