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Day #1 Monday May 20th, 2013 – INSANITY 60 Day Challenge

on May 20, 2013


Video #1: Fit Test  

Day #1 from the 60 Day Challenge

Can you say OMG?!!!!

I am already sore and this was just the TEST?! Woa, I am more out of shape than I thought! This is an intense/INSANE program and I fear for my sore body tomorrow morning! How do People do it?! How are you supposed to keep at it with a sore body?!

Any encouraging tips?

Step 1- Calculating my caloric needs, a formula to determine the basal  energy requirements.


Step 2- Take the number from Step 1 and multiply by the Exercise Factor that applies. Since I am doing the INSANITY Challenge, then 1.55 applies.


Step 3- Since I want to loose a bit of weight, I will be subtracting 500 calories per day from my number in step 2.


Step 4- Meal Planning

Meal 1 – 7am – Breakfast at Home – 195 cal

Meal 2 – 10am – Snack at Work – 97 cal

Meal 3 – 1pm – Lunch at Work – 391 cal

Meal 4 – 5:30pm – Snack at Home – 97 cal

Meal 5 – 8pm – Dinner at Home – 391 cal

Sample of 100 calorie food block:


Step 5-  Weight-In and Measurements

Here is a great chart I found online that I will use to keep track of my measurements Day 1 and Day 60 to see the difference:



Step 6- Tracking

To keep track of my daily calorie intake and calories burned, I have downloaded a neat App to my iPhone5,

If you have an account, add me: jolie1199

If you don’t, here is a link, add it, then add me!:



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