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Make your own Gift Bags!

on June 1, 2013


Make your own Gift Bags! In just a couple of Minutes using Recycled shopping bags!

If you’re like me, you have spent many hours at the mall shopping and have quite the shopping bag collection that just keeps building! Occasionally I go through my stash and try to eliminate a few, but they are just so sturdy, glossy you never know when you might need them! I recently found myself searching through my gift wrapping paper and gift bag stash and noticed that it had been overtaken by my shopping bags. In an effort to “recycle” (and save myself a trip to Target to purchase a $5 gift bag) I decided to use one of my recycled shopping bags. GUESS what the red bag of choice. After adding the tissue paper, I realized that it didn’t look all that great and then it dawned on me! Tissue paper!!! I went ahead and covered and “decorated” the shopping bag.

For an easy, inexpensive way to wrap your gifts, try using a shopping bag and a little bit of tissue paper to cover up the name! Just a little bit of tape to keep it in place and a few  decorative folds and Voila!

Step 1.

Choose your Fave’ shopping bag (obviously it has to be one that is cute and sturdy enough).


Step 2.

Get some tissue paper to match the bag or a contrasting colored tissue paper, some tape and cover the name!




Step 3.

Voila! Gift bag is ready!




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