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Yerba Mate – a perfect Coffee Alternative!

on June 5, 2013

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I have always enjoyed drinking this fabulous tea, Yerba Mate, especially the days I feel I need more energy and coffee isn’t doing the trick. Yierba Mate is by far, my tea of choice after lunch. Since I am at work Mon-Fri, I have opted for purchasing Yierba Mate tea bags, however on the weekends, I drink it the old-school way, the steamy mate infusion in it’s customary gourd.


In certain parts of Latin America, sharing mate is a customary ritualist process. There is usually the designated person who will prepare the tea by re-filling the ground mate and adding hot water in the gourd which is passed in a clockwise order.

Here is a little info about Yierba Mate and it’s health benefits:

Some studies have found an association with drinking Yierba Mate and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. There have also been clinical trials which found that mate consumption may be effective in lipid lowering. Further studies are being done to study the Yierba Mate’s relation with treating heart disease. Yierba Mate is also very high in antioxidants.


You can find Yierba Mate at your local Health Food store or at a Latin American store (Brazilian, Argentinian, Uruguay, etc.) or at a Lebanese/Syrian market.


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