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Is Apple still relevant?

on June 17, 2013


Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Fran opened last week, where new software was introduced and the very new Ios7 (to be released this fall along with their latest iPhone), mobile operating system. This would be considered to be their biggest redesign of their iPhone software since they introduced the iPhone back in 2007. The new software revamped the apps, color scheme and a new “control center” swipe menu with new ways to share photos. Most importantly, the software updates were designed with developers in mind and aiming to maintain their loyalty. Developers and attendees were excited about the new software launch, although some were expecting more from their payment capabilities and improvements to their online services which are falling behind to those offered by Google. Sadly, Apple has also opted to have Siri’s voice-activated assistant default search engine provider be Microsoft Corp’s Bing, replacing Google. iWork productivity software has been modified to run online (competing with Google and Microsoft’s like services).  And on the social media level, Apple unveiled new photo sharing/organizing features to compete Facebook and Instagram apps!

Apple introduced a version of iOS TO RUN IN CARS, A NEW Mac operating system (Mavericks), iTunes Radio (music service), and a cylinder-shaped Mac Pro computer (previously reported and set for release later this year). Apple stock is down about 18%.


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