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Summer Party Planning

on July 24, 2013



julie party


Party planning can be fun! But it’s mostly fun if you have unlimited funds and your only task from the moment you begin to plan until the actual day of the Party is un-interrupted by…. well… your day job, life, school, etc! 

So, since I have some limitations, like the modern-day Martha Stewart’s of the world that have to work full-time, go to school at night (just because one Mater’s degree isn’t enough) have house-hold chores and dinner preps, I have decided to share my tips for:

Summer – Party planning for a busy gal’ with a very small budget!


The tips will be divided by sections, the first one will be the INSPIRATION section: 


For my “INSPIRATION WALL” I turn to PINTEREST, it’s like a Martha Stewart Magazine where you can gather and share ideas by pinning photos from the internet or from your own personal collection (I have a combo)! Follow me at (click on photo below): 




I have created a wall specifically for SUMMER PARTY ideas, check it out (click on photo below):



For this example, I have decided to go with a Summer Theme, a backyard (tent) party in  August. A very light and summery feel to it!

Once you have a visual of what you would like your party to be, you then have to get back to reality and take a look at your budget and pick what you can’t be without and what you can let go, and make a LIST!

Stay tuned for the next section soon:



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