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Find the Perfect Wedding Planner

on October 24, 2013


Planning a wedding can be both super stressful and fun! My take is that its much more fun when you are planning it for someone else! Event planning is something I have been passionate about and with the right resources.. the possibilities are endless! Resources, that seems to be the tune (limited ones that is)! I have to get creative and plan our wedding in Spain from my home in WestLa! How the heck do I do that?! Well, for starters, I had to upgrade my internet connection for all the Skype meetings and video tours! Technology has made it amazing when dealing with organizing out of the country events! I have also opted to get in touch with a Wedding Planner, after all, I will need the help before, during and after the big-o-Day!
The following is a list of sites that I have found helpful in getting organized, two in particular are my fave’.

The Knot has been particularly helpful in setting up goals, deadlines, guest list, and most importantly they provide a free web-page for your wedding! They also send you reminders, blog posts, ideas, etc. I have an inspiration wall, similar to the one I update in Pinterest (also an amazing source). Another site that has helped (mainly because the destination will be in Spain), is where they are very helpful in suggesting venues and vendors depending on what you are looking for. I also have used their community in researching traditions and customs, everyone is very positive and helpful! Just like The, provide a free wedding site for you to update your guests!
Back to selecting the Perfect Wedding Planner,
After chatting with a few friends with god/bad/ok experiences with their Wedding Planners and reading blogs/sites I found a neat little list that was useful when speaking to the potential Wedding Planners! You can download it here (titled “Questions to Ask When Interviewing Potential Wedding Planner”.

Other sites mentioned in this post:

The Knot


Fun Wedding Blogs to read


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