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on February 15, 2014


An article posted by USA TODAY Tech section discussed the announced acquisition of Time Warner by Comcast. If the merger is indeed approved without any restrictions, it will be catastrophic news for users of low-cost, web based entertainment (Such as Netflix) and for those companies that deliver the content. As mentioned, Netflix depends on theses cable companies to deliver web-based programming to their consumers at decent speeds, without a good speed connection, watching content would be impossible. The Net-Neutrality that prevented cable and phone companies from discriminating against data traffic sent by Netflix, YouTube and other services alike, was thrown out by federal appeals court last month, not a bright future for these service-companies. 

Personally, I rely on companies like Netflix and Hulu for my HomeEntertainment and have decided on cancelling my cable service all together and spending the saved money on high speed internet instead, if my speeds are affected and am no longer able to watch content over the net, I will not be a happy camper but I highly doubt that will force me back to a cable provider, what about you?


To read the full article: click here


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