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Mexico Is Better than Spain today!

on June 14, 2014


Mexico is a WINNER!

Spain not so much…..

Mexico Gana Espana Pierde

My fiance, Dr. Lopez (I will be JLo soon! haha!) is from Spain and though not necessarily a fanatic about soccer, I get to rub it in that my home country Mexico won today and Spain so unfortunately LOST! Don’t get me wrong, I was rooting for Spain to win… so tragic!

I then decided it was time for a fun update on this blog and was on a quest to research which LA-area bars were open early enough to watch the game there! Then, I stumbled across a magnificent list that was…well, perfect!

We will be staying locally this World Cup season and making it to O’Brien’s Irish Pub, just a short bike-ride or Uber ride away!

Check out Laist’s list of: The Best Bars to Watch The World Cup in Los Angeles – couldn’t of been any better!


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