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Day #?!

It’s almost a year next month since I first attempted this challenge and I am sad to report that it was a complete FAIL

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Day #3 Wednesday, May 22 – INSANITY 60 Day Challenge

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Day #2 Tuesday May 21, 2013 – INSANITY 60 Day Challenge

what a day

What a Day!!!

As if it couldn’t get any worse…. I decided to do my INANITY Video at night….

There is nothing worse than working out when you are SORE!

That’s all I have today.


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Day #1 Monday May 20th, 2013 – INSANITY 60 Day Challenge


Video #1: Fit Test  

Day #1 from the 60 Day Challenge

Can you say OMG?!!!!

I am already sore and this was just the TEST?! Woa, I am more out of shape than I thought! This is an intense/INSANE program and I fear for my sore body tomorrow morning! How do People do it?! How are you supposed to keep at it with a sore body?!

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Challenge #1 – INSANITY

to eat or not to eat healthy

The time has come, I knew it would happen some day, just feels like it happened too fast. I have enjoyed a life full of delicious greasy food, red meat everyday, soda pop on a daily and late night ice cream sandwiches with yummy fresh-baked cookies from DiddyRiese. Never have I been able to be on a diet, I enjoy eating food and savoring it, salads are not tasty, therefore I do not eat them. Fruits are only tasty when you add chocolate or nutella to them and absolutely ANYTHING tastes better deep-fried.

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Challenge coming up….


Stay tuned for my very first Challenge!


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